Privacy Policy

Client Records

The identity of clients, written records of therapy, videotapes and other contacts between Lesli Doares and her clients are confidential. Lesli is bound by the ethical standards of her profession to protect information given to her by clients in any form from disclosure without the express, written permission of those clients. For information to be released to other people or institutions, all adult members who have participated in therapy must give written permission by completing and signing a Release of Information Form. In such circumstances, a summary of treatment or copies of records will be provided. Videotapes are used for training or educational purposes only and are not maintained as part of the clinical record. Should Ms. Doares desire to use the tape for other purposes, such as a professional presentation, specific client permission must be obtained. Videotapes are erased at the end of treatment but may be erased before that time.

Client Rights

Clients have the right to ask questions and receive answers regarding their treatment, the approach to therapy, and the training and experience of therapists. Questions should be directed to the therapist.

Clients have the right to make decisions about their lives without undue influence from their therapist.

Clients have the right to terminate therapy at their discretion or to be referred to other professionals for treatment. Ms. Doares will request a final, termination meeting so that clients have an opportunity to evaluate the therapy experience.

Clients have the right to confidentiality regarding the therapy process. It is the responsibility of the therapist to protect all information regarding clients, including the fact that they are in therapy, from being disclosed to anyone outside of the therapy setting. Confidentiality covers all written records of therapy, videotapes and all written and verbal communication among clients and the therapist. Confidentiality may be broken and information disclosed without client permission only in certain specific situations.

They are:

  • When all adults who took part in therapy sign a Release of Information specifying people/institutions to whom information can be given and the time period during which the Release is valid.
  • When the therapist is mandated by law to report abuse or neglect of children, the elderly or disabled.
  • When the client is a danger to himself or to others.
  • When a therapist is sued by a client for malpractice or when a client uses his or her mental health as a defense in a court of law.
  • When the therapist is ordered by a court to surrender records of therapy or to testify in court.
  • It should be noted that a subpoena for records or testimony is not sufficient for disclosure of confidential information. Although a subpoena requires a response, the order to break confidentiality must be given by the judge for the specific case.
  • Lesli Doares and Balanced Family Therapy is in compliance with all terms and conditions of the Healthcare Information Privacy and Protection Act (HIPPA).

Contact Lesli Doares at (919) 924-0463 for more details or contact her office here.

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