Chick Flicks and Sex

Psst, guys.  Do you like sex?  Would you like to “get lucky” more often?  Allow me to let you in a not-so-well-kept secret,  chick flicks put women in the mood.

I’m always amazed at my male clients who absolutely refuse to watch any movie or television show that is aimed at women.  I wonder, are they crazy?  Actually, these guys just don’t understand how sexual interest and desire work in women.  Don’t be one of those guys!!!

If you haven’t noticed, men and women don’t work the same when it comes to sexual desire.  For women, sex is mainly in our heads.  This means that we need to be present in the moment in order to be interested.  Chick flicks put us in the moment.  This is because they are all about love and connection.  They have an emotional undercurrent that hooks us in a way that most action movies don’t.

That said, one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen has been in an action movie.  Of course, it was also a period piece.  By the way, period pieces, such as “Pride and Prejudice”, are great movies for later physical interaction.  It also involved putting on clothes instead of taking them off.  The movie is “The Last Samurai”.  Check it out.

Whatever the genre, spend some time finding out what your lady likes.  Be there when she cries at the ending of the most recent Nicholas Sparks’ story or when she sighs over the latest exploits of Dr. McSteamy or Dr. McDreamy. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to find out.) Don’t look at these guys as threats to your manhood, but as weapons in your love arsenal.

Don’t be shy.  Embrace your “inner chick”.  Then, let the games begin.

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