Is Your Marriage As Happy As You Would Like It To Be?

Rekindle your fire with marriage counseling.

If love was all that was necessary for a long and happy marriage, the divorce rate would not be so high. Couples need to have the right tools, and know how to use them, to keep their relationship together when the going isn’t quite so smooth. With my marriage counseling and coaching, I teach couples the Five Secrets to a Happily Ever After and help them beat the marriage odds.

You Used To Be So Happy Together

Now your marriage is routine and sometimes painful. The joy you used to feel with your partner has been replaced with hurt and indifference. You have talked about the relationship, left it alone, sought help from friends and family and nothing seems to be getting any better. You feel like you have tried everything you know how to do but it all seems hopeless. This sense of frustration and despair about the marriage may even be leading to thoughts of separation or divorce. There is another way through marriage counseling and coaching.

Marriage Counseling and Coaching Makes it Possible To Have A Happy Marriage

The truth is that all relationships have their ups and downs. Marriages, like children, have developmental stages. Sometimes couples get stuck and can?t seem to resolve issues on their own. I know that with some help from marriage counseling, it is possible for people to develop happy, fulfilling relationships with their current partner. It is possible to stop the blame and hurt, and resolve old disputes. You can learn to improve communication, reconnect in an intimate way, and create a strong commitment that will allow your marriage to beat the odds.

Get Help For Your Marriage with Marriage Counseling

Taking the first step towards getting marriage counseling is often the most difficult. Finding the right person to work with as you rebuild your relationship is the most important factor for successful counseling. As a wife, mother, and therapist, I have real life experience with the challenges facing marriage in today’s world. I can help you rediscover the joy you felt on your wedding day and recommit to one of the most important relationships in your life. I invite you to contact me so we can discuss whether my Five Steps to Staying Happily Married will help you and your partner live happily ever after.

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